High John Oil-Success, Power, Prosperity, Drawing, Conjure

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Welcome! Ipomoea jalapa is this plant's scientific name. Which means it's actually in the morning glory family. The MOST popular root in hoodoo and magick! The oil is by far the most prescribed oil in any path of the Craft. It is an all-purpose, powerful, magick and success boosting oil! It will increase success in any working! This is a "set" oil. That is, your bottle will be filled or "fed" from my mama bottle in the picture, which has set for a year. A piece of genuine High John root will be added to your bottle to keep it potent and working for ya! Commercial, synthetic High John oils are usually enhanced with purple dye. I believe this is related to the fact that traditional High John oil is created with heliotrope oil to compliment the root. Heliotrope is a brilliant purple flower with a super sweet scent. My oil is created with this traditional oil as it's scent. Any working for success, luck, prosperity, manifestation, drawing, attraction, power, or gambling will call for this root. John's story- John the Conqueror was an African prince who was sold as a slave in the Americas. Despite his enslavement, his spirit was never broken and he survived in folklore as a trickster figure, because of the tricks he played to evade his masters. In one traditional John the Conqueror story, John falls in love with the Devil's daughter. The Devil sets John a number of impossible tasks: he must clear sixty acres of land in half a day, and then sow and reap the 60 acres with corn in the last half of the day. The Devil's daughter furnishes John with a magical axe and plow to use for these impossible tasks, but warns John that her father means to kill him even if he performs them. John and the Devil's daughter steal the Devil's own horses; the Devil pursues them, but they escape his clutches by shape-shifting. In "High John De Conquer", Zora Neale Hurston reports that: like King Arthur of England, he has served his people. And, like King Arthur, he is not dead. He waits to return when his people shall call him again. . . High John de Conquer went back to Africa, but he left his power here, and placed his American dwelling in the root of a certain plant. Only possess that root, and he can be summoned at any time. thanks for looking! curio only.

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