Hermes Incense-Love, Messages, Prosperity, Divination, Luck
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Hermes Incense-Love, Messages, Prosperity, Divination, Luck

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Hermes, the great messenger of Greek mythology, is a god who is spoken of in a great many legends and myths. Known for the winged sandals that helped him fly, and swiftly carry the messenges of the Gods. Hermes is the god of travelers, those who cross boundaries, as well as shepherds and herdsmen. His cunning and wit also left him viewed as a patron of those who made a living with their charisma and words. Think servers, bartenders, social workers, attorneys, hair dressers, entertainers, actors, business owners, marketing, sales people, etc. Hermes oil is often used in matters of love, to increase communication between lovers which helps resolve issues. You can also use it before divination to receive speedy messages from the gods. It is useful when seeking employment and for prophetic dreams. It is a famous occult recipe that can no longer be found for sale as the recipe is all but lost. My incense is made from pure roots, resins, and herbs including; laurel, rose, apple, strawberry, anise, lotus root, clove, poppy, cinnamon and other fine ingredients sacred to Hermes. 2 ounce glass jar. Thanks for looking!

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