Hant Can't! Wash-Rids One of Hants, Ghosts, Malevolent Spirits

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If you have experienced a negative haunting, a hant, a poltergeist, supposed possession, or any malevolent spirits you want them out of there fast and for good! Thiswash can rid one of negative magick that was placed by another- human or otherwise. Get rid of any black magick or bothersome spirit with this wash. Use to wash the surfaces and floors of you home or add to your bath.

Hants are like a mini possession. You will find your luck changing for the worst, you get into accidents, your health fails, you develop strange blemishes on your body, your skin is pale and rubbery, you may develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs, your attitude has changed for the worse, you feel drained and "ridden" all the time, you feel and look like a zombie. If you have these symptoms, you may be being ridden by a hant.

Hants result from unexpected deaths, such as accidental deaths, the confused spirit then attaches themselves to someone causing choas and draining them.
Use this wash in a bowl of water with camphor blocks and sea salt. Place it in the main living area of your room and change the water daily. You can also use it with candles-red, white, or blue-black in extreme cases, to eliminate dark energy in your home and life.

Created with peppermint and camphor essential oils and herbs.
4 ounces.

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