Hag Stone
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Hag Stone

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Hag Stones, also known as Witch Stones, Fairy Stones, Holy Stones and Eye Stones, are stones with naturally formed holes running clean through them. These holes are usually formed by centuries of wave action and/or dripping water. It is this association with running water (which itself is said to negate the effect of evil) that is believed by many people to be the source of the Hag Stone's reputation for guarding their owner against ill-fortune and the Evil Eye. It was once common practice for people to hang these stones above the front door to their homes to keep misfortune and troublesome spirits from interfering with its inhabitants. Farmers used to nail them to stable doors to safeguard their horses against being being run into the ground by witches borrowing the animals during Sabbats. Fishermen, too, also used Hag Stones as talismans to protect their boats from storms and as charms to help secure large catches of fish. Smaller Hag Stones have also been carried on keyrings or worn around the neck in the belief that their wearers would secure a little of the luck associated with them. They would also be hung on bed posts at night to ward off nightmares. These stones have also been associated with faeries, where they have been regarded as keys into the Faery Realm. The stones have also been used as folk remedies for the treatment of rheumatism, cramp and various stomach complaints. In spellcraft, Hag Stones are held in left hand whilst the right hand thumb rubs them in a clockwise direction. Whilst this is action is performed, the practicioner concentrates upon their desire. This ritual is then repeated fairly regularly until the purpose of the spell manifests itself in reality. Some folks say that the stones only share their magic with those who have found the stones themselves or to those to whom they have been given as an act of love or kindness. You will receive ONE stone from the photo. Stones average about an inch across. thanks for stopping y! bless!

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