Gypsy Magick Oil
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Gypsy Magick Oil

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Bring your inner gypsy out! Bring travel, luck, romance, and fortune into your life! Invoke your adventurous, fiery, untamed spirit! This recipe and perfume is dear to me as my ancestors were of Tzigan decent. They originated in Egypt and traveled through Syria, Iran, Turkey, Romania, up to Hungary. This scent smells like the women in my family; woodsy, earthy, with undertones of natural sweetness. It contains sandalwood, cherry wood, bergamot (has a minty-citrus scent), and just a drop of patchouli. Enhanced with whole herbs of dittany of Crete for manifestation of desires, allspice for fiery protection, cherry bark for wishes to be fulfilled, emerald for love, and dragon's blood as an aphrodisiac and attractant. A rich, divine blend that is magick to the senses! Can be used as a body scent or in ritual use. Why skimp? use it for both! Unisex scent. thanks for looking! curio only.

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