Gypsy Gold Mojo

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This mojo helps to provides opportunity, develops relationships with clients, draws business, promotes your skills, helps get resumes looked at, initiates interviews, promotes confidence, and remedies unemployment! The special ingredients in this bag are 5 finger grass (ciquefoil potentilla) and moneywort (lysimachia nummuleria) both organically grown by me! 5 finger grass has been used by hoodoos for centuries for it's lucky power and ability to win at games, contests, and gambling. Moneywort is one of my favourite plants! I grow lots of it! It's uses are many and varied. Lysimachia has long been reputed to have healing powers and associated with snakes. It is said that snakes can often be found on it as they are drawn to it's texture, coolness, and healing abilities! The word "machia" comes from the latin word for money, because it's leaves look like coins. It has long been used by my family for it's money drawing abilities. This bag also includes other lucky items such as lodestone, salep root (lucky hand), mexican anil, galangal root, cowries, pyrite and much more! Mojo's should be "fed" or anointing periodically with a corresponding oil. I highly recommend my Gypsy Gold oil. You will receive a lovely golden mojo, filled with items to bring blessings and luck into your life! thanks for looking!

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