Gypsy Command Powder

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The media and society has long given hoodoos and vodouns a bad reputation due to fear of the unknown and different. With items titled "commanding", non-pagans assume it is meant to exert your own will over someone, to control or dominate another. While some practitioners may do this, it's most often used to overcome adversity or difficult situations. It always made me wonder; if their minds automatically go to the idea of controlling another person, what are THEIR real intentions in life??? This powder is made with an ancient combination of herbs used in rituals for thousands of years in the middle east and Egypt. Powdered licorice root, calamus root, jezebel root, arrowroot, bergamot essential oil, and rose petals with a few other secret stuffs too;) My family calls this "gypsy command" because any of our recipes containing bergamot are sort of "trademark" family recipes, as gypsies used bergamot to darken their skin. We LOVE bergamot! Sprinkle this powder over candles, feed mojos or gris gris bags with it, or simply sprinkle it in your home to create an environment of strength, assertion, will power, and confidence over a situation. thanks for looking! Meet the owner of ConjuredCa

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