Gypsy Blood Oil

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Now this is an old formula! Many of my oils possess a duality- that is, what they bring to you can be taken away from another...if you play it that way;) While this oil can bring you great wonders and success, it is said that if sprinkled on a neighbor's doorknob, or in the shoes of that loser boyfriend/girlfriend, they will uproot and leave! Kinda handy, eh?;) Now, what better way to get rid of that POS that's holding you back? Get rid of them with this and let blessings and success into your life like you deserve hunny! Contains home-grown or organic patchouli and guinea pepper (grains of paradise). Both of these herbs promote success, fertility, love, and luck..when used that way of course;) *** the "blood" droplets are NOT actual blood but a technique used by hoodoos to imbue their oils with life-force-like energy. thanks for looking!

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