Gris Gris Faible' Incense-Uncrossing You and Weakening an Enemy

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This recipe has been used in hoodoo for 200 years. Between my husband's fluid French and my Creole the name of this incense translates roughly to "weakening magick". It's ingredients perform a double whammy-some uncross you while the others cross-up your enemy.

This recipe was handed down to me from my family and I have never seen it sold anywhere else. use to weaken or confuse your enemy or to uncross yourself from negativity you have been subjected to. This helps straighten out your life and clears your pathway of haters, users, and abusers. This also works very well in mojos or gris gris bags or as a powder around your home.

Created with saltpetre, yellow sandalwood, bay, cinnamon, dill seed, asafoetida, black salt, and benzoin among other secret ingredients.

*Let me warn you about old hoodoo incenses- they are not burned to fill your house with a pleasing aroma, they are made to WORK magick. So don't burn this thinking it's gonna smell yummy, cause it ain't;) It's not putrid by any means but it's no nag champa;)

You will receive 1/2 ounce. Vial style will vary. While this does contain saltpetre, it is added for the magickal effects of saltpetre not it's combustible properties so burn this on a charcoal briquette.

thanks for looking!

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