Glory Water-Victory, Success, Blessings, Open Roads
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Glory Water-Victory, Success, Blessings, Open Roads

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Famous Hoodoo Water and Cologne. My own recipe containing neroli water, bergamot essential oil, orange essential oil, tangerine zest, and frankincense tears. You will NOT find a more authentic Glory water! Glory Water is used to cleanse and bless homes (add a little to your dish water, dust cloths, or mop water), removing negative vibrations and will aid your magickal workings by removing obstacles, bringing you victory and success in your endeavors, and strengthening your connection to deity. Use as an offering during rituals. Smells delicious so it can be worn on the body as well! Attract success and clarity! Very powerful water steeped in hoodoo tradition and culture.



You will receive a 2 ounce bottle. thanks for looking! curio only. not intended for a substitute for legal or medical help. no guarantees are made as to the outcome of use. this water is made immediately before shipping. the frankincense resin will begin to dissolve in the hydrosol, giving the water a milky appearance. this only enhances the power of the water.

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