Glamoury Candle-Bring Out Your Best, Manifest Your Dreams
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Glamoury Candle-Bring Out Your Best, Manifest Your Dreams

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*My loaded and dressed candles are now HAND POURED with natural braided cotton wick for a more traditional look, feel, and more saturated intent! Due to my new process, these candles have changed slightly in size. They are now 2 inches around and 6 inches high, giving you a taller candles that ships more easily too! In 15 years of studying paganism, I have found little information on glamoury or glamour magick. I have never been able to find any products created to aid this type of magick, not even correspondences to make them. So I started experimenting! Glamoury is about achieving goals and change within yourself. It's about becoming a better person by giving you the confidence to make changes in your life. It's not about changing your eye or hair color as hokey movies and websites will tell you. When you perform a glamoury you focus on changing your aura, to become the person you know you can be and letting it radiate out to others. It's also about letting others see your inner beauty. Whether you are using it in a work circumstance so you get that raise or promotion, or so the boss sees the hard work you've been doing or about revealing your feelings to someone you truly care for or making a lifestyle change, glamoury magick can assist with these. They jump start you onto your new path. Great when starting a new healthy change such as walking daily or changing your eating habits. Perfect for increasing self awareness to promote spiritual growth and connection with deity. Excellent when starting a new job or going back to school. Give yourself the confidence you need to make a change and jump start it magickally! This candle would also be suitable for aiding with divination, meditation, or astral travel. "Loaded" candles refers to the age old magickal tradition of carving a small hollow in the base of the candle and filling it with herbs, stones, and other magickal items associated with it's condition, or specification of intent. The corresponding colour is also used-purple is used for glamouries. My candles are then properly anointed with their corresponding oil, tonka bean oil was used for this one, and then dressed by rolling it in the corresponding herbs for the condition.

For this candle I use hibiscus flowers, wild cherry bark, damiana, poppy and more.

Herbs are flammable! This candle is not to be left unattended and should be placed on a large heat-safe vessel, with sand or pebbles to disperse heat, to allow for pooling wax and flaming herbs. 

feedback; "Wow! Not only is this candle beautiful with its gloriously sticky and fragrant herbs, it's the perfect size for my cauldron and it's exactly what I needed right now! I began burning it last night, and it feels extremely empowering. I loved the cowrie shells too, and placed them on my little altar to Aphrodite. :)" "Wow, I could smell this before I even opened the package. Feels mighty loaded. I haven't even burned it yet that I've already drastically changed my hairstyle which suits me ten times better. I'm also more focused on what I want. Can't wait to burn it and feel its full effects. Moma Sarah's items always work!" thanks for looking!

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