Ganesh Soap
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Ganesh Soap

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At the request of my clients I have created a Ganesh's Road Opening Soap to compliment my bath oil and conjure oil! This soap clears away impossible obstacle and tasks quickly and also focuses psychic abilities and aids spiritual matters. This oil is PERFECT if you have someone in your life always demanding that the focus be on them with their dramatic situations. Let this clear the drama from your life so you can focus on the success you deserve!

Ganesh is the Hindu God of money and wealth-he removes obstacles that stand int he way of you obtaining your dreams. Ganesh has the head of an elephant and elephants were the "bulldozers" of ancient times. Cultures that were fortunate enough to have elephants used them to built roads, cleared land and erected cities with their mighty power. Their trunks can lift trees but tip of their trunk is so sensitive it can pick a flower. Ganesh is the great remover of obstacles as well as the master of delicate issues. 

Use this soap to invoke Ganesh or use on a orange, white, green, or yellow candle. Chant Ganesh's mantra "Om Sri Ganesha yai Namah". Traditionally this is chanted 108 times. This mantra was chanted and Ganesh invoked with the preparation of this oil to bring you the best results! Add it to your liquid hand soap or liquid body wash to reinforce your obstacle clearing in everything you touch!

This oil is also used with the God Mercury if using it in communication and success matters, such as getting a job.
Created with honeysuckle, gardenia, cardamom, lemongrass, and bergamot essential oils and herbs.

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