Fortuna Madama Oil-Fortune, Luck, Prosperity,Lottery, Games

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So, as some of you know, my husband surprised me a trip to Las Vegas not too long ago. I figured since I was going to Las Vegas, I might as well whip up something to enhance my chances of winning right? Well, I'm not much of a gambler-I like to play penny slots but when in Rome;) I Work with La Madama regularly but before I created this oil, I prayed to her for a week to send me the right recipe and bless us with a safe trip-I don't ask for money. I created a mojo for her which I took with me on the trip, this mojo will be available soon. We got in very late that night-about 2am is when we left our room to go out, so we saved the gambling for the next night.  We went to have dinner at a lovely steakhouse in the hotel. We ordered appetizers, so while I was waiting on the food, I thought I'd play the penny slots right outside. I sat down, put in a dollar-didn't win. My husband sat to the machine on my left, put in a dollar-no win. So I moved to his left, rubbed my oil on my hands, put in a dollar-won $500! We then won another $50! $550 off of two, $1 bets!!! So does this oil work? It does for me! La Madama is a popular spirit in spritism (espiritismo). She is honored by spiritual workers, fortune tellers, and diviners, and mothers. She is depicted holding a broom or basket; the broom sweeps away the negative energy of clients and sweeps in good fortune. The basket is to place offerings in. She brings business and gets timely payment for services. She provides love, luck, and protection for the home-she is my favorite spirit to work with. She is nothing but kind and full of blessings. See the listing below for her incense and more information.


 Created with buckeye and tonka bean-has a very fruity scent but this recipe is secret. thanks for looking!


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