Follow Me Oil

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This oil is a favorite among men and women who work in industries that are tip based such as hair stylists, dancers, bartenders, servers, models, etc. This oil helps to attract people; more people, more sales and more money. Perfect for any business! This oil is also great for networking as it works to attract the right kind of people-people who have something to offer that you can benefit from. Gain connections and valuable relationships. Draws new customers to businesses. Or...make that special person literally follow you; no competitors, no games, no beating around the bush! Get what you want by having IT come to YOU. You can also wear this blend for a fun filled evening of entertainment, wining and dining. Great for attracting an array of dance partners and getting drinks sent your way at the bar! Who doesn't need a little pampering and special treatment? Enhance your own unique appeal to draw what you need right to your feet. Use on red or orange candles. Created with opium, jasmine, and other fine oils. thanks for looking!

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