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"Loaded" candles refers to the age old magickal tradition of carving a small hollow in the base of the candle and filling it with herbs, stones, and other magickal items associated with it's condition, or specification of intent. My candles are then properly anointed with their corresponding oil, attraction oil was used for this one, and then dressed by rolling it in it's corresponding powder, again, attraction powder was used. herbs include jezebel root, cinnamon, rose petals, lavender, clove, arrowroot, tonka bean and much more! The brilliant red colour is designed to attract whatever you desire-health, love, friendship, romance, sex, success, name it! I never see loaded candles anywhere and "condition" candles are almost always just a plain old candle with a pseudo-mystical image around it. My condition candles are 5 inches high and about 3 inches around, they are a nice, sturdy size suitable for a ritual that runs 7 days and convenient enough for a single day ritual too. The candle colour is solid. In my tradition, if the candle colour is not solid (versus white on this inside in order to cut costs) the magick will not be as potent. Each candle is dressed and loaded upon order for each client-they are not pre-made so please allow time for it to be crafted for you and your goal.

Herbs are flammable! This candle is not to be left unattended and should be placed on a large heat-safe vessel to allow for pooling wax and flaming herbs. Working candles must be burned on a heat safe surface in a heat safe dish. Please do not leave unattaneded. HERBS WILL IGNITE AS THEY ARE FLAMMABLE. Placing gravel or sand in your dish, to disperse, heat is recommended.

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