Flying Devil Oil
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Flying Devil Oil

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Famous hoodoo recipe to get rid of hexes, whammies, jinxes, curses, bad mojo, heebie jeebies, and pesky spirits! Like the name says, this oil was traditionally created in New Orleans to make negativity literally fly from your home. Gets rid of bad habits and influences too. But, surprisingly, this old recipe smells delicious! Give the bottle a shake and watch that devil fly! Use this oil to anoint your front door with a cross or pentagram. Purchase a new broom that will only be used for household magick-not actual cleaning:) get a large bucket of water and add a few drops of my oil, place the bucket in the center of the room and dip your new broom into it. using sweeping motions, asperge your home by sweeping the water across your floor towards your back door. This draws the positive in and kicks the negative out the back door! Burn white, blue, black, red, or purple candles while doing this working. You can also add some to an oil burner, or do like I do and anoint window sills, door frames, thresholds, doorknobs. Talk about spring cleaning! Charming 5 ml amber coloured glass bottle with natural cork preserves potency. Thanks for looking! curio only.

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