Florida Water Soap
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Florida Water Soap

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Florida water has been sold for a very long time and is known the world over for it's attractive, refreshing scent. It has also become a staple in Voodou and Santeria communities who use it as a powerful cleansing and protective wash and perfume for body and home. Florida Water has the most uplifting and revitalizing scent, that along with it's ingredients are probably why it is attributed with such powerful metaphysical properties. This perfume simply smells like luck itself if you ask me! This soap is PERFECT for a before ritual cleansing bath, everyday use, or after a hard or stressful day to cleanse that aura! Removes unwanted thought forms & heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, to suppress gossip & to calm places where an excess of energy is present. Provides wonderful a protective sphere around you. It is also a wonderful prosperity and luck blend- use it every morning to start your day off right! Florida Water is very popular in the Caribbean where there are thousands of home-made recipes for it. These practitioners pride themselves on their recipes, and so do I;) I can not reveal my entire recipe, obviously, but will give a few of the major ingredients in case you are not familiar with the scent of Florida Water; jasmine, lavender, neroli, ylang ylang, grapefruit, clove, bergamot essential oils and rose absolute. This is a vegan soap, 100% natural, with organic, raw, African shea butter. Each bar is enhanced purifying and healing lavender and prosperity bringing calendula petals! Natural soaps (free of detergents and commercial lathering agents) should be used with plenty of friction (such as a cloth or luffa) and hot water. Lather does not equal cleanliness! The lathering agents and detergents in commercial soaps are very harsh on you and the environment. thanks for looking! listing is for one bar. shapes will vary as these are hand poured and cut bars. © Conjured Cardea™ 2009. No part of the content, designs, photographs, product trade name(s), trade product design(s), intellectual property, and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission. All rights reserved.

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