First Harvest Incense-Lammas, Lughnasahd, Abundance

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It is now high summer and the union of Sun and Earth, of God and Goddess, has produced the First Harvest. Lammas is the celebration of this first, Grain Harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance. We work with the cycle that Mabon or the Autumn Equinox is the Second Harvest of Fruit, and Samhain is the third and Final Harvest of Nuts and Berries.

The word 'Lammas' is derived from 'loaf mass' and is indicative of how central and honoured is the first grain and the first loaf of the harvesting cycle.

It is also the great festival of Lugh, or Lug, the great Celtic Sun King and God of Light. August is His sacred month when He initiated great festivities in honour of His mother, Tailtiu. Feasting, market fairs, games and bonfire celebrations were the order of the day. Circle dancing, reflecting the movement of the sun in sympathetic magic, was popular, as were all community gatherings. August was considered an auspicious month for handfastings and weddings.

But underlying this is the knowledge that the bounty and energy of Lugh, of the Sun, is now beginning to wane. It is a time of change and shift. 

Let this incense help you welcome in your goals, your bounty and your first harvest. Use this to faciliate the reaping of reward in your life and evoke the sun's power, abundance and radiance to illuminate your first harvest.

Created with hand blended and prepared juniper berry, pinon, golden copal, frankincense, broom flowers, heather flowers, mace, clove and saffron. You will recieve two charcoal briquettes for burning.



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