Fiery Eclipse Oil-Manifestation, Level Up, Big Goals, Success

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This is the time to step up on multiple levels, shed what no longer serves you and let your true path to success be revealed. Eclipses are known to trigger necessary life changes.⠀This oil was created during our last lunar eclipse and is designed to manifest serious change as eclipse power is known to speed results and manifest BIG MOVES.

It was infised with quartz crystals and each bottle contains pieces of obsidian. Created from a luxurious blend of jasmine resin, tonka bean, amber resin, lavender resin, 24 karat gold dust and black storax. It is scented ONLY with these resins-no other oils have been added, thus forming a warm, rish scent void of sharpness, heavy notes or synthetics.

Are you needing some sort of push to realign you with your highest purpose? This is likely already in the works for you in some way-use this oil to illuminate the path and bring closure to what must be left behind. Shed that unecessary blockages that is holding you back.
Support yourself in making the most of this period by detaching from the outcome and letting go.⠀

Remember that as you release what no longer serves you, you make way for new creative inspiration, and the highest levels of your Divine expression.⠀What do you really want to manifest, experience, and create in your life?⠀Dream big! 

This oil can be worn or added to any color candle that represnts your goal. Charge your candle in sunlight and moonlight for 2 4hours before inscribing and dressing with this oil. Begin on a Monday.


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