Evil Eye Blue Hoodoo Salts-Peace,Uncrossing, Protection, Healing

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A Conjured Cardea original recipe!

As many of you know, I like to create dual purpose products-one's that combat the current problem then allow you to heal as well. If you have been abused or used these salts will protect you while providing a healing atmosphere. You must heal and get your strength back in order to move on to some normalcy. Just as Serket will protect you, she will blow warm, strength-filled, breath into your body to begin your new life.

Use them in the corners of your home for protection and to cleanse you of negativity and bad energy. Add them to mojos for a boost of healing, purification and protection or spread them in front of your doors or on your porch as a protective barrier.

Contains blue lotus essential oil, blue butterfly pea flowers, glass eveil eye beads and indigo coloring. 3x4 zip bag.

thanks for looking!

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