Everlasting Life Oil-Divine Offering, Health, Abundance
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Everlasting Life Oil-Divine Offering, Health, Abundance

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Created with helichrysum essential oil, known by witches as "life everlasting flower".
Helichrysum is used to evoke ancestral spirits, promote physical healing and to increase intuitive and psychic powers. Its common name, Life Everlasting, indicates its strong connection to the spirit world. 
The name we use for it now comes from Greek, helios or Sun, from the Titan of myth, Helios, that drove the shining golden chariot of the sun, and chrysos for gold, or golden, which refers to the bright sunny flowers that are a trademark of this plant. This sunny little plant, which is a relative of the daisy, got it’s other common names of Immortelle and Everlasting from the flower’s retention of their bright yellow color when dried, and this might be why the dried flowers were used as offerings by the Greeks. The Romans used it to treat word cuts, and was also used traditionally in the Mediterranean to treat colds and chest ailments. Used as a strewing herb in the Middle Ages, it was also used in folk healing for skin conditions and healing scars. In Africa it has a traditional use of treating rheumatism, since it is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, and was known as Geelsewejaartjie which translates roughly to “bright yellow flowers that last seven years in the house.” It is also said it is one of the herbs used by Moses to help protect the Israelites from the plagues in the Old Testament.
This oil designed to bring divine connection, blessings of health abundance and longevity. Contains saffron, helichrysum and centaurea.

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