Easy Times-Draws Your Desires-Business, Love, Opportunity

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Use this oil to enhance your attributes and skills, while setting others instantly at ease, to give you an edge in school or at your place of employment. Project that positive, opportunistic, outlook and get them to see things your way! Wear as a perfume or use a massage oil on yourself or another to obtain their help and agreeable attitude! When using as a massage on yourself or partner, keep thoughts of a long, healthy life filled with blessings and good fortune to a ripe old age:) Created with lilac, clove, and hydrangea oils and herbs along with it's special ingredient; a strip of a one dollar bill. Use with the candle color that corresponds to your goal, as this oil can be used to enhance any working.

1/2 ounce heavy glass Boston bottle with screw cap.  hanks for looking!

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