Dragon's Blood Ink-Protection, Love, Success, Power-

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This is my second turn at ink in about 12 years! Back then I used to make my own inks, quills, and paper to record my recipes-I was hardcore;) This ink turned out very nice and works well with quills, fountain pens, dip pens, sharpened twigs, or even a fine brush. This ink would be suitable for any rite a witch may want to record. The red color makes it suitable for all love, success, or power workings and the dragon's blood resin makes it perfect for protection or exorcism recipes. Record your recipes or rites in your journals or grimoires with this traditional tool of the witch's trade! You will receive ONE ounce vial sealed with sealing wax. 

Created with natural dyes, dragon's blood resin, gum arabic, alcohol, and lamp black. Settling is natural! Shake it up! Use with care, this WILL stain. Do not ingest. thank you for looking! curio only.

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