Dove's Blood Oil-Peace, Success, Power, Justice, Intensifies
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Dove's Blood Oil-Peace, Success, Power, Justice, Intensifies

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welcome! One of my favourite oils! THE magnifying oil! It promotes such peace, love and tranquility and is a very old traditional hoodoo recipe!  To bring peace anoint your palms, throat, and soles of your feet. Wonderful before meditation or ritual, as it intensifies and focuses power. Rub weekly on tools and other magickal items to enhance their power and direction of energy. Perfect for anointing mojos, gris gris, seals, or paquets to get the best performance! Rub on feet for a favourable decision in court and success in negotiations. Great for use during adoption or custody proceedings! While this is a peace promoting oil, it has a strong sense of protection too. It creates an easy, peaceful path by protecting you from harmful forces that could interfere.  This oil has the alleged power of enhancing any zodiac sign or energy, so please use only when in a positive mind-set. Lovingly created with bay, cinnamon stick, rose, and essential oil of cinnamon.

*NO actual blood is used in this oil. It is a traditional hoodoo method that creates the look of blood in this oil.  thanks for looking!

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