Double Fast Luck-Draws Business, Customers, Money

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This is true, two-part, double fast luck oil-traditional New Orleans style! Authentically made by me, for you:) The first part of this oil is Red Fast Luck oil. This oil was used in the "red light" district of New Orleans to draw wealthy customers who were willing to spend money. The oil than graduated to a well known business oil for any type of business or work due to it's ability to draw in money fast. It consists of vanilla oil, alkanet root along with my own secret additions.

The second part consists of "green water" which is a wintergreen tincture.  Combining these two formulas allegedly produces results twice as fast, and I must say, I have never been let down;) This oil is used to anoint anything you use to make you money. Tools, machines, stationary, ledger books, your desk, your apron, your sewing machine-whatever you use to make money. You must also anoint your cash draw, box, or machine, and all of the money in it. Rub it on your hands consistently too. thanks for looking! curio only.

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