"Dominant Spirit" Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions
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"Dominant Spirit" Palm Oil Candle WITH Spell Instructions

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6" Tall 
Candle will burn about 85 Hours

Astral Mystical Candle for Captivating.  This candle was prepared with coconut palm wax to give it a charge of positive energy.  It contains amulets and astral essences that have captivating qualities. 

Instructions: Light the candle and say the name of the person you wish to domiate, 7 times.  Say " Dominant Spirit, you that dominates all hearts , dominate the heart of (name)  just as Saint Martha tames the dragon. That is how I want you to domainte (name). Dominant Spirit with the power God has granted you, make it so (name) is dominated body, and soul, that they be mine and mine only, that they be attracted to me and that they may be drawn to me every time I look at them. 

Recite the above prayer every time you light the candle. Once the candle is done, keep the amulets in a secret place.

Intructions are continued with the spell paper included.

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