Dittany of Crete Herb-Spirit, Divination, Astral Travel, Psychic

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Dittany of Crete is only found on Crete and is drunk as antea. 

The story-
The Ancient Greek Goddess Aphrodite herself used Dittany of Crete.
The rare and sacred Dittany of Crete is named "eronda" by the locals, meaning love for its aphrodisiac properties. It was very popular in Minoan Crete and Ancient Greece; it was considered a highly therapeutic plant. Wild goats were reputed to seek out the plant after being struck by arrows; the goats were thought to eat the plant, and the arrows would fall out immediately. Shepherds saw this and would then ingest and later make compresses of the leaves to heal open wounds.
According to Virgil’s version of the Trojan War, Aeneas was severely wounded by an arrow so deeply embedded that it could not be removed. His mother, the Roman Goddess Venus, took some Dittany of Crete from Mount Ida on the Island of Crete, applied it to Aeneas’ wound, causing the arrow to drop out and healing the wound immediately.

"A branch of healing Dittany she brought
Which in the Cretan fields with care she sought
Rough is the stem, which woolly leaves surround
The leaves with flowers, the flowers with purple crowned."

It's Magick use is said increase in psychic abilities and drawing of love and youthfulness as well as help spirits manifestations and aid in astral projection. 

 You will recieve a 3x4 inch zip bag of dried herb.

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