Devil's Claw-Road Opener, Attraction, Protection, Prosperity
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Devil's Claw-Road Opener, Attraction, Protection, Prosperity

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It is easy to see why this botanical curiosity got its reputation. With the recurved claws which catch and hold, Devil's Claw is seen as an aid to get you what you want. The whole plant is sticky to the fingers, so that contributes to the association of “getting something.” While Lucky Hand is also used similarly, I think of it as getting something you never had, whereas Devil’s Claw, with its claws that recurved back towards you, seems more appropriate for getting something back which you once had, as in lost or stolen items.

It is also called Unicorn Plant, and is NOT the same Devil’s Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) used medicinally for joint pain.

Gender: (Feminine)
Element: (Water)
Planet: (Jupiter)
Zodiac (Cancer)

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