Devil Ditch Soap
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Devil Ditch Soap

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Exclusive formula to Conjured Cardea!

My new Devil Ditch soap is created with 100% pure camphor and clary sage oils with poppy seed and blue vervain. Get cleaned up right with this soap!

Had a spell of bad luck, paranormal activity, or crossed up conditions? Been tricked, cursed, or jinxed? How about just plain old tired and drained of energy?

Get back to good with this soap! Let is purify your skin and energy with clary sage and cleanse your spirit with some old fashioned camphor and blue vervain!

Both of these essential oils help with increasing blood circulation, cleansing, and moisturizing. 
They also help in preventing premature wrinkle formation and provide glow to tanned or pigmented complexion on regular usage and have anti-bacterial and anti-allergic actions. 

Wash your body from the nape of the neck down to your toes with this soap and say an affirmation or prayer of purification as you do so. Let those nasties go right down the drain! 

*Camphor has a cooling and slight numbing effect making it perfect for sore, tired feet and muscles. HOWEVER, please refrain from using around the eyes or genitals.

You will receive ONE hand-made, 3 ounce bar of soap. As always, my soaps are made in small, 6 bar batches and are 100% natural. Please allow for variations made by Mother Nature herself:)

Natural soaps are best used with hot water and friction as they do not contain commercial lathering agents that are in store bought soaps. Lather does not equal cleanliness. Use with a washcloth or luffa for a nice, light lather free of drying synthetics.

Thanks for looking!
Blessings to you and yours!

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