Deluxe Love Mojo-Find and Keep True, Reciprocating Love
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Deluxe Love Mojo-Find and Keep True, Reciprocating Love

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welcome! This mojo began as a custom order but it's power was so intense I decided to add to it and share it with you! Mojo comes from the West African word "mojuba" meaning "to give praise". Give praise to Oshun and Yemaya with this offering and receive their blessings! It is created under the invocation of Oshun and Yemaya, Dos Agua-the Two Waters-both have the ability to bestow great love, wealth, and happiness to those who honor them-we should all know the Dos Agua! This mojo is chock full! There is hardly enough room to close it! I have included many objects sacred to the Dos Agua, ingredients to attract love, and a jomo balle created to help you keep your love once you've found him/her! We all deserve to find love and to be loved equally in return. Stop having one sided relationships and let Yemaya and Oshun direct you in the way of true, reciprocating love! This mojo contains tonka bean, mojo bean, Mexican anil, cowrie shells, lodestones, quartz crystal, dixie john, jezebel root, jasmine flowers, a penny blessed by oshun, and one of my own, specially created jomo balles. May contain other magickal items sacred to Yemaya and Oshun. Thanks for looking! Remember, love yourself like the divine! curio only.

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