Deluxe Double Oshun and Yemaya Feast Day Ritual-SEPT 7, 8

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This listing is for your Deluxe, two day ritual during both Yemaya's Feast day of September 7th AND Oshun's Feast Day of September 8th. This powerful two day deluxe ritual will evoke both spirits of these sisters for tremendous manifestation power concerning your goals of love, health, healing, family, romance, self-love and personal empowerment or to simply to show your gratitude for their spiritual guidance. 

Oshun, The Orisha of love, healing and freshwaters, who is always seen in a yellow dress, often with a large hibiscus flower behind her ear...she provides a fruitful atmosphere for love, marriage, fertility, laughter, dancing, dates, protection from false love and abundance!
When people first meet Oshun they see her as Goddess of sensuality, but many people never get past this first impression. She radiates beauty and teaches us how to love and please our bodies. She teaches us to be creative, she fills us with ideas, dance and song. Everything beautiful belongs to her; all jewelry, amber, coral, fans, cowrie shells, brass, gold, river rocks, perfume, mirrors, shades of yellow, copper arm bands, copper bracelets, dancing, honey, and the number and multiples of 5. Oshun belonged to no man and believed all was fair in games of love. Create an altar for her with a yellow candles, cinnamon, anise, pumpkins, amber, coral, and cowries.
"Oshun is brass and parrot feathers in a velvet skin. Oshun is white cowrie shells on black buttocks. Her eyes sparkle in the forest, like sun on the river. She is the wisdom of the forest-She is the wisdom of the river. Where doctors fail, she cures with fresh water. Where medicine fails, she cures with fresh water. She feeds the barren woman with honey, and her dry body swells up like a juicy coconut. Oh, how sweet, how sweet is the touch of a child’s hand." -Yoruban chant to Oshun

Yemaya is a West African creation goddess, often depicted as a mermaid. She is associated with the moon, the ocean and female mysteries. Typically portrayed as a beautiful woman, Yemaya governs the household and intervenes in women's affairs. She is a merciful goddess, invoked by women for aid in childbirth, love and healing. 

She rules over the conception and birth of children and ensures their safety during childhood. As a creation goddess, Yemaya's womb spilled forth the fourteen Yoruba goddesses and gods, and the breaking of her uterine waters caused a great flood, which created the oceans. From her body the first human woman and man, who became the parents of all mortal beings on earth, were born. Yemaya nurtures, heals, touches, blesses, comforts and make whole that which is incomplete. She am within you and you need only look inside yourself to find her eternal presence.


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