Custom Lamp-Lamp Lighting or Setting of Lights-Hoodoo

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Lamp Lighting or The Setting of Lights is an ancient tradition. Sacred lamps, oils, and lights have been used and recorded throughout history for thousands of years. They are also one of the oldest Hoodoo arts, and sadly, they are all but forgotten.  But NOT at Conjured Cardea! Lamp lighting is one of my favorite offerings and perform them regularly for each Orisha and on the behalf of clients.

I will put together all of the best ingredients for your custom lamp, simply leave me a note as to what your lamp is for. I have filled it with oil and included FIFTEEN IMPROVED mechitas (floating wicks) with NEW base. This lamp is made in a small canning jar so that it is portable-you can take it to the woods, cemetery, or simply out in your yard if you like. Simply remove the lid, place the triagle shaped wick base in, set a wick in the opening in the middle and light! Petition whichever saint or deity you'd like to offer the lamp to and say your prayers or requests. When you are done, screw on the medal lid and ring. It's that easy.  The shipping charges reflect the weight of the jar, oil, and ingredients.


Thanks for looking! curio only. 

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