Crown of Success Oil-Opens Avenues for Success, Luck, Employment

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Sometimes it seems just as we get on the right track, the green-eyed monster manifests itself in someone who just can't be happy for us. They just seem to ruin your opportunities and tear you down. tempt fate into smiling upon you with this oil and stop that cycle! My formula works two ways- it has uncrossing ingredients to help make people who bring you down be supportive and protection ingredients to keep others from harming you with gossip or otherwise while you are on your way to success! Don't let others stop your well-deserved success. This oil can also be used if you seem to be your own worst enemy and subconsciously self-sabotage. Use on yellow, green, or orange candles. Also works well in an oil diffuser to fill your home with successful vibes! Contains sandalwood, neroli, orange, and honeysuckle oils with bay, clove and vervain herbs. thanks for looking!

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