Coyote Bone-Luck, Cunning, Balance, Skill, Intellect, Strength
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Coyote Bone-Luck, Cunning, Balance, Skill, Intellect, Strength

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Coyotes are a tenacious animal; tricky, skilled, smart, and playful. Their bones are are common to hoodoo practitioners...if they can obtain them that is. I find coyote bones do wonders to support our kind of magick; conjure, hoodoo, and cunning works. Animal bones are not as easy to find as they once were-not many of us are going out and hunting our own food nowadays. So, when I can, I offer bones a from a few animals in my area. Bones offer an entirely different feel to a mojo, especially if you are only versed in using roots and herbs in them. They bring a great spirit and powerful ashe' that can really seem to activate a mojo. I regularly carry a black cat bone with me.

You will receive one coyote bone approximately 1 inch in size to tie it to your mojo, use for divination, place on your altar, use a talisman, or toss it inside a tarot bag or gris gris. Bless! Sarah

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