Conjure Concoction Salve-For a Spiritual Glow, Inside and Out
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Conjure Concoction Salve-For a Spiritual Glow, Inside and Out

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My Conjure Concoction is perfect for everyday use or reserved especially for after ritual baths or before meditation or spiritual work. Desiged to help restore the phsyical and spiritual health of your magical vessel! Grapeseed oil base that has been infused with burdock root, chickweed, calendula, nettle, and rosehips all whipped up with 100% pure African shea butter, coconut oil and organic beeswax. Rose absolute and lavender essential oil calm, cleanse and heal the skin while repairing and strengt

2 ounce jar.

feedback; "Love how clean this balm is, as soon as I rubbed it into an old injury, I could feel it seep in and the ache became much less. I will order this again." "Bought this for an embarrassing scar I had, within a couple of uses it was fading!"

"I love this concoction so much, that I bought it a second time because my first batch was gone within a week! I have noticed that my skin is more beautiful and stretch mark scars are definitely lighter than before. I only wish you would make larger batches!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this balm."

"I bought this from you last fall and used it a little then it became boxed up during my move to Florida. I found it last week and began using it on my Staph/MRSA areas on my body. My sore on my left ear is healing on its own now and weeks of antibiotics could not heal it. I am going to continue to use this and may need to have to buy more to completely heal."

"Thank you for being such a pure loving soul and for making a product that really helps others."

*Batches will differ. Sediment in the bottom of the jars is normal-these are simply small flakes of herb. Thanks for looking!

*Stretchmarks are often determined by genetics. I make no guarantee that you will not obtain stretch marks during pregnancy or weight gain with the use of this product.

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