Compelling Powder
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Compelling Powder

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Welcome! This was another request that I've gotten many times, from clients looking for a truth serum. This powder works to not only compel others to comply or have situations turn out in your favor, but also stops others from lying or hiding when used accordingly. To make someone speak the truth, write the person's name on a piece of vellum (brown paper bag) nine times and cross and cover that name with your name nine times. Place some powder in the paper and fold it up. Place the paper under a purple candle dressing in Compelling oil and rolled in mugwort and nutmeg. Burn it for seven days while the moon is waxing. Each night you light it, call the person's name and say, "I compel you to tell me the truth!" On the seventh night wrap the left-over candle wax in the paper and throw it away in running water or at a crossroads. This powder is also very useful if you are owed money (use on a green devil image candle) or if you are involved in a court case (use on a brown candle) Created from calamus root, marigold petals, calendula, alum, pine, clary sage and lavender oils. You will receive one 2x3 inch zip bag of powder. Enough for several uses.

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