Come To Me Oil-Draws In What You Need Quickly!

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This oil is for when you don't have time to eff around-with people or circumstances!

This is a family recipe of an old stand by-tried and true formula for getting to the point...and FAST!

Get the attention you or your situation needs quickly. For returning lovers, love, money, bills, networking, friends, a home, car, etc. This oil is reputed to draw in your desires and goal almost immediately.

Use on red, pink, green, yellow, or orange candles. 

A great trick with this oil is to add it to your body wash and shampoo-the more you use it the better and faster it will work.

Great to use with Bast, Saint Cipriano, Lakshmi, and Saint Expedite

Created with amber, opium, vanilla, patchouli, jasmine, lemon zest, carnation petals, lodestone and many other fine oils and curios.

Thanks for looking!

Curio only.

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