Cleopatra Oil-Beauty, Power, Wealth, Confidence, Glamour

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Cleoptra was a renowned beauty both inside and out. She controlled powerful men and an entire nation. Obtain your desire and manifest confidence and beauty with this perfume oil. Created only from essential oils and high quality perfumes from India. My recipe contains sandalwood, bergamot, ylang ylang, lotus, orange, and myrrh oils. You can use this in an oil diffuser or to dress/anoint candles, statues, and charms, or wear as a perfume. Add a few drops to the bath or to your rinse water with your hand-wash lingerie;) Use to enhance self-love, confidence, beauty, sex, glamoury workings, finding a lover, soul mate, or just a date! Original, tried and true recipe! May blessings of love abound! Thanks for looking!

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