Cleo Mae Oil-Feminine Power, Success, Business, Attraction
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Cleo Mae Oil-Feminine Power, Success, Business, Attraction

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 Originally some say Cleo Mae was a condition oil for the "working girl" to attract men who had lots of money to spend which increased their trade & cut down on the number of clients they had to turn in a day. This oil was a "double action" formula that included not only herbs for sexual attraction but for the woman's safety. The only trade older than prostitution is that of the Priestess and, in much of history, they were synonymous. Women's bodies and spirits possess a mysterious power that will always be misunderstood and coveted my men. Today my Cleo Mae Oil is used a little differently for the most part. The paradigm of the brothel has been replaced by another type of materialism. Cleo Mae is used by women who want to date men with money. They are looking for someone to provide a luxurious lifestyle. This can be a hand up or a hand out; what you do with the monetary help is up to you. This is not an oil to draw romance, a soul mate, or a proposal, this is strictly business and a means to an end. I recommend you use this oil to get out of the hole you're in and then stay out of it. Don't rely too heavily on this type of magick. Some women use this oil as a business oil, to make them more attractive, to promote tips or gifts, to control men and to get promotions or raises from a male boss. I have seen it work in all of these circumstances.  This is my own original recipe. I can tell you the main ingredient is Queen Elizabeth root.


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Curio only.

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