Clear & Cut Oil-Cuts Bad Energy & Obstacles,Conjures Up Good

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This conjure oil was created after many a request from close clients. Clients who are spiritual workers, massage therapists, fortune tellers, and mothers-all of which need cleansing and peace after a hard days work! It's also commonly purchased by those who have recently suffered a death in the family, traumatic incident, or illness. I like to sell items that do a double whammy-or a triple or quintuple! This is designed to clear away heavy or negative vibrations from yourself (say, after a session with a client, after a hospital visit or stay, or after a child's tantrum) , cut through the negativity and obstacles causing the difficulty, then conjure up somethin' good to replace it! Damn! Sounds good to me! This oil is used to support the balance and the transformation that we all hold within our hands- create your own reality. With faith, giving, and work you can change anything.  Created with lemongrass, lemon verbena, rue, saltpetre and hyssop.

Add a few drops to a white candle or bowl of water and set these in the room that you most often use or where there is illness. Can be applied to skin. bless!


Curio only.

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