Chuparrosa Oil-Attracts Lovers, Fertility,Prosperity

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This is the sweet nectar of love that comes from the honeysuckle flower which is renowned in Hoodoo as a powerful love attractant! Honeysuckle is used in many oils, mojos and spells for love throughout magickal practices, but it is particularly loved in hoodoo because it runs rampant in the south. This sweet essence is what beckons the hummingbird from flower to flower to pollinate the plant and allow it to thrive and reproduce. An excellent oil for money as well as it makes your life flourish with blessings! Great for those wishing to conceive children as well;)

This essence is believed to throb with life and in all magick, like attracts like-so bring abundance, blessings, and fertility in your life with this! Use this on 7 color, 7 day, chupparosa, adam and eve, or goddess candles. This oil is also loved by Oshun, Venus, and Aphrodite as well.

Created with lotus, honeysuckle, sandalwood, and ylang ylang essential oils and absolutes.

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