Charcoal Briquettes for Resin Incense, Loose Herbs, Smudge, Sage

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At the request of my clients, I am now offering charcoal briquettes for your practices! I sell many resin incenses, powders, and herbal mixes that must be burned on charcoal as they are pure, natural mixes that are free from igniting agents such as saltpetre and sulphur. These are the best and purest incenses for offerings and rituals.

Stick and cone incenses are created from synthetic scents, chemicals, and saltpetre. Saltpetre is fine when you KNOW you're using it but it also corresponds to Mars. Mars may not be an aspect you care to invoke in the delicate work and balance of your particular practice.

Each roll contains 10 33mm charcoal disks. Simply hold a lighter to the edges and wait for it to spark and crackle! Let it sit for a while to get going; where the disk turns grey it is a live coal ready to place incense on! ONLY use disks in heat-safe dishes, censers, or incense burners created to diffuse heat. You can use a clay, metal, or glass bowl but it must have a layer of sand to disperse the heat or it may ruin the surface below it

You will receive one roll of 10 disks.

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