Cascarilla-Efun-Veves, Purification, Medicine, Obatala
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Cascarilla-Efun-Veves, Purification, Medicine, Obatala

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Created from snail shells, fresh from Nigeria.

Cascarilla is used mostly in santeria, hoodoo, and voodou to draw sigils or veve's, symbols that are living magick once created. But you don't have to be santerian or vodoun to partake in the power of this magickal aid. Many African cultures use it mixed with a little liquid as body paint for ritual and it is believed that simply sprinkling it in your home will protect and purify your space. It is said that it is so powerful, it leaves no room for any negativity in the home. It is also used to honor Obatala and in sacred medicines and soaps. 

Listing is for ONE 3 inch piece.

thanks for looking and blessings to you!

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