Camphor Resin-2 Blocks-Power, Love, Purification, Protection

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Water scrying can be fun and enlightening, but it is not always the easiest thing to do. If you find yourself having a little trouble getting the focus and clarity you need, try water scrying with camphor. Find an opaque black bowl, and fill it part way with fresh, clean water. Follow by sprinkling in some grated camphor. You will not need to use very much for this -- a little can go a long way. After adding the camphor, close your eyes, clear your mind, and use the surface of the water to scry.

For more general divination, combine a little camphor with some anise seed, and burn on charcoal to help boost your psychic abilities. This can aid you whether you are scrying, casting runes or bones, drawing tarot cards, or using any other divination method of your choice. Some practitioners find it particularly useful for bringing prophetic or lucid dreams.

Camphor for Power

Camphor does not mess around -- when you add it to a mixture, it makes itself known. This makes it a useful ingredient for giving mixtures a little extra kick, particularly when you might not want to add hot pepper or other "power" herbs. You can add camphor oil to any oil mixture of your choice (be sure to dilute it well if you plan to use it for anointing) or mix some grated camphor into herbal mixtures.

Much like camphor adds extra oomph to herbal mixtures, it can give you a little bit, too. Place some camphor in a red flannel bag with some orris root or personal power herbs of your choice, and carry it on you when you are in situations where you need to be extra persuasive. You can also place camphor, hyssop and lemongrass in a red bag and keep it on you to make sure your aura stays clear of any stray negative energies.

Camphor for Unwanted Attention

Camphor is purported to reduce sexual desire. If you want to protect yourself from unsolicited romantic attention, make sure to carry camphor on you. Before you see your unwanted suitor, petition Saint Wilgefortis (also called St. Uncumber). Saint Wilgefortis is a Catholic saint who was pursued by a King she did not want to marry. In response, she took a vow of virginity and prayed to repulse him. The next day, she woke up with a full beard. Saint Wilgefortis will not make you wake up with a fresh crop of facial hair -- but reciting these words can win you her help:

"Saint Uncumber, set me free. Send this person far from me!"


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