Brimstone Powder, Sulphur, Sulfer
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Brimstone Powder, Sulphur, Sulfer

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Welcome! Sulphur is a naturally occurring mineral that has long been used by root doctors,hoodoos, and witches. It is said that if a cross of sulphur is laid over a person's footprint, it will cause harm to the target. Used in crossing powders, hot-foot powders, and burned as an incense to rid your home of negativity and malevolent spirits. Add to any gris gris, charm, or sachet for extra protective powers. One of my top ingredients in my bellarmines. Allegedly, if you lay a line of brimstone at the bottom of your main door, those who wish to harm you will not be able to cross it. Great ingredient to have on never know when you'll need it! 

You will receive a 2x3 inch zip bag-about an ounce. thanks for looking! curio only.

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