Bountiful Bath Salts
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Bountiful Bath Salts

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A Conjured Cardea exclusive! Ritual baths are a common practice in hoodoo and in religions around the world. Whenever a hoodoo is doing a working, they bathe with special, prepared salts each day of the working to solidify their commitment to the work being done. I have had many requests for salts and I am beginning with the most commonly requested-one for abundance! Now, let me tell you, I don't like to make spiritual items that are for "money" per se, but I do like to make them to bring you luck, opportunity, blessings, steady jobs and pay, food, shelter and clothes. These salts were created under the invocation of Yemaya and her mother Oshun, the dos aquas, goddesses of sea and river. These goddesses bestow great wealth and blessings upon their devotees. Maybe you should try talkin' with 'em;) Created with sea salt, Epsom salt, vervain, kelp, irish moss, sassafras root, calendula petals, bergamot and grapefruit essential oils, and crushed pyrite (fool's gold) among other prosperous and healing herbs. These salts are meant to heal your current situation, body and aura, and create opportunities for blessings to flow! Get you a green, yellow, or orange candle, light it each night while soakin' in this and make your luck change hunny! thanks for looking! namaste!

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