Bouji Lakay-Haitian Vodou Candles-Set of FIVE Candles

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Traditional candles (bouji lakay) have been used in Haitian voodoo for over a century. They are commonly lit during ceremony, to honor ancestors and at the graveyard. SET OF 5 CANDLES. RANDOM COLORS CHOSEN BY ME.


Red is used in "Petro" or hot rites, as well as when saluting the Nago spirits.

Black is used in "Ghede" rites, Petro lwa and guardians as well as when saluting any spirits of the dead.

The white color is used in luminations with lwas guinen. 

These items are hand-made by an initiated Houngan or Manbo in Haiti.

They are lit at the end and held at a 45 degree angle. Wax WILL DRIP. Use with CAUTION. Recommedned for outside ritual use.

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