Blue Healer Oil

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This is an old family formula and I have never met anyone outside of my family who knows of this story, which leads me to believe this was a man one of my ancestors had the honor to personally experience. This experience, along with the oil recipe, was then passed down for over 200 years. Legend says that this oil was concocted and prescribed by a renowned root doctor who was brought here during slavery times. Although he was now a slave, he never lost his respect or title of root doctor and served the other slaves. The story goes that his skin was so dark and rich, that it shone blue in the sun and he was known to be able to help his fellow slaves with the simple laying on of his hands. The oil is a family recipe, so I can't reveal ingredients, I will say that it is created with native, southern fruits, spices, and resins. Use in conjunction with my Blue Healer candle and mojo. Thanks for looking! CURIO ONLY

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