Blue Healer Mojo-Helps Heart-Break, Stress, Depression, Illness

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The Blue Healer was a root doctor who was brought here via The Middle Passage to become a slave. He was a renowned root doctor and healer in West Africa. Legend says that his skin was so dark and rich, that it shone blue and he was known to be able to cure with the simple laying on of his hands. 

This mojo contains angelica, black mustard seeds, hyssop, sassafras root, rattle snake rib bone, deer toe bone, peony root, and more. This mojo evokes a very peaceful, relaxing, healing energy allowing you to rest and recuperate, uncross yourself, and receive messages all while easing your mind and taking away stress and bad memories. Perfect if you are spiritually blocked.

Use along with my Blue Healer candle and oil for a hoodoo wallop!

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