Blue Healer Candle-Heart-Break, Stress, Spiritual Well Being

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*My loaded and dressed candles are now HAND POURED with natural braided cotton wick for a more traditional look, feel, and more saturated intent! Due to my new process, these candles have changed slightly in size. They are now 2 inches around and 6 inches high, giving you a taller candles that ships more easily too! "Loaded" candles refers to the age old magickal tradition of carving a small hollow in the base of the candle and filling it with herbs, stones, and other magickal items associated with it's condition, or specification of intent. My candles are then properly anointed with their corresponding oil, my Blue Healer oil was used for this one, and then dressed by rolling it in it's corresponding powder. The only bit I know about the oil which inspired this candle, is that the oil was concocted and prescribed by a root doctor who was brought here during slavery times. Legend says that his skin was so dark and rich, that it shone blue and he was known to be able to aid his fellow slaves with the simple laying on of his hands. My candle is loaded and rolled in lavender, comfrey, mullein and a few other herbs to promote well being and health of mind and body. This candle evokes a very peaceful, relaxing, healing energy allowing you to rest and recuperate, all while easing your mind and easing stress. Each candle is dressed and loaded upon order for each client-they are not pre-made so please allow time for it to be crafted for you and your goal.

Herbs are flammable!

***********This candle is not to be left unattended and should be placed on a large heat-safe vessel to allow for pooling wax and flaming herbs-good magick is messy. Placing gravel or sand in your dish, to disperse heat is recommended.

Use with my Blue Healer oil for a double whammy!


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